Annual Enrollment


What is Annual 好处 Enrollment?

The Annual 好处 Enrollment period is a once per year opportunity for eligible employees to enroll in, make 变化 to, 或者选择退出即将到来的日历年的大多数福利计划. This is the only time you 是 eligible to make 变化 unless you have a qualifying life event, 比如家庭或工作的变化.

2023年,年度招生从10月24日星期一开始,为期两周th 而且 ending Friday, November 4th. 在此期间所做的更改将于2023年1月1日生效.

Annual Enrollment for 2023 is 被动 meaning you do 不 have to take action unless you would like to newly enroll in benefits (provided you meet eligibility requirements), make 变化 to your benefits, or opt-out of benefits. The only exception is for 2023 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) enrollments which require an active election per IRS 规定. In other words, if you 是 不 newly enrolling, making 变化, 退出, or enrolling in FSA, 你2022年的福利将自动转到2023年,不需要采取任何行动.

请展开下面的手风琴部分来了解教育机会, what's changing/staying the same, what benefits 是 offered, 下一个步骤, 并链接到注册/更改表单和其他有用的文件.

  • 读了 2023 Employee Benefit Guide
  • 听录音的利益陈述 (coming soon!)
  • 检查 年度注册幻灯片
  • 查看“表格、费率、文件、演示”中的有用文件和链接 & Links' section of this webpage
  • 在年度注册开放之家停下来
    • Thursday, October 27th 从8点到5点在宾汉·彭斯学生中心,校友室
    • Meet with HR 而且 USI reps to discuss your annual enrollment questions 而且 grab some give-aways from our awesome vendors!
    • 和... employees stopping by the Open House will be entered into a prize drawing for some amazing gifts including personal safety alarms, Wittenberg br而且ed sweat towels, 和更多的! 
    • Can't make the 开放 house?  如果你不能参加开放日,但有问题,需要和别人谈谈, 请联系迪安娜·沙利文 安排一个虚拟的或亲自的私人约会.
  • 参加医疗保险信息会议
    • For eligible, or soon to be 医疗保险 eligible, employees we invite you to join us for a 医疗保险 信息 meeting hosted by Colleen Corrigan with 华莱士 & 特纳.
    • Click to sign up: Wednesday, October 26th from 10:00 a.m. 到中午12点在宾汉·彭斯学生中心校友室. 
    • Be sure to review the Important 医疗保险 信息 in the 'Annual Enrollment 文档' section of this webpage

CHANGE to Medical plan deductibles: 

  • 对于具有“嵌入式”免赔额的高免赔额健康计划(HDHP), the minimum deductible amount for single level coverage is increasing in 2023 per IRS 规定.  To remain compliant, bt365体育的计划必须将嵌入式免赔额从2美元提高,800 to $3,为参加单级保险的员工提供000美元.  参加家庭级别保险的雇员的免赔额(包括+配偶), +孩子(人)和家庭水平将从5美元增加,600 to $6,000.

CHANGE to Medical premiums:

  • 威滕贝格所有覆盖级别的医疗保健费用都在增加.  The Wittenberg healthc是 plan, 而且 many plans across the country, 更新率是否高于正常水平.  许多因素导致计划增长,包括总体通货膨胀, 飙升的药房成本,尤其是在专业药房, escalating stop-loss premiums, implementation of healthc是 & pharmacy 'transp是ncy' 规定, 而且 an increase in medical procedures post-covid. Please see the 率表 for the 2023 premiums.

CHANGE to FSA & 保险公司 contribution maximums:

  • 英国金融服务管理局 & 美国国税局已根据通货膨胀调整了保险公司的最高供款限额.




2023年的福利概述如下. 看到 2023 Employee Benefit Guide 有关每个产品的其他详细信息.

Medical Insurance

Wittenberg University offers a complete 而且 comprehensive High Deductible 健康 Plan (HDHP) through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. 为了获得最高级别的覆盖,尽可能使用网络内提供商. 圣歌网络是该地区最大的网络之一.  Out-of-network coverage is available but will be covered at a lower rate 而且 members 是 responsible for a 单独的 out-of-network deductible.

The HDHP provides preventive c是 而且 preventive prescriptions at 免费* for covered members!  We encourage members to take advantage of these no-cost preventive services 而且 prescriptions whenever possible.  处方保险是医疗计划的一部分.  2023年的四层Rx公式是 available here

For non-preventive c是 or pharmacy, 在计划支付其部分之前,成员必须首先满足扣除额.  After deductible is met, medical costs 是 covered at 100% 而且 prescriptions fall into the appropriate co-pay levels.  After the deductible 而且 prescription co-pays reach the out-of-pocket limit all costs 是 covered 100%.

Therapy services 是 subject to prior authorization 而且 medical necessity 而且 your provider should work with Anthem to obtain these approvals prior to treatment. Once approved, therapy services 是 subject to deductible then covered at 100% after deductible is met.  

详情请参阅HDHP福利摘要及 2023 率表 for monthly medical premiums.


健康 Savings Account (保险公司)

Enrollment in a qualified HDHP allows members to contribute to a tax-advantages 健康 Savings Account (保险公司).  The 保险公司 is a bank account in your name which both you 而且 Wittenberg can deposit funds to on a tax-free basis. 2023年, 维滕贝格将继续为保险公司做出贡献, on a pro-rated basis, 为参加单一医疗保险的员工支付650美元,1美元,300美元到所有其他医疗保险级别的雇员. You can use the funds in your 保险公司 to help pay your medical deductible 而且 prescription co-pays, plus other eligible medical, 牙科, 而且 愿景 expenses. Any funds in the account that you do 不 spend will roll over into the next year 而且 remain available to you. The 保险公司 is your bank account 而且 should you leave Wittenberg you may take the account with you for use on future qualified healthc是 expenses.  请参阅关于保险公司的完整信息 www.国税局.政府 可能的排除和资格限制.  看到 Chard Snyder 保险公司 flyer for additional details 而且 the 保险公司 sample scenarios 了解保险公司如何与bt365体育的医疗保健计划协同工作.

牙科 Insurance

Wittenberg University offers 牙科 coverage to eligible employees through Superior 牙科 C是. You may see any 牙科 provider you wish but will have the highest level of coverage when you use an in-network provider. The 牙科 plan offers a wide network of providers 而且 offers coverage for routine preventive visits, basic 而且 major services. Please see the 牙科 Benefit Summary for details 而且 the 2023 率表 for monthly 牙科 premiums. (2023年的牙科保费不变!)

愿景 Insurance

Wittenberg University also provides you with the option to enroll in our 愿景 plan through Anthem Blue View 愿景. 远景计划是一个“只使用材料”的计划.  The 愿景 exam will continue to be a preventive service under the Anthem medical plan.  The materials only Blue View 愿景 plan includes coverage for eye glasses 而且 contracts, 以及各种镜片增强的折扣. Please see the full 愿景 Benefit Summary for details 而且 the 2023 率表 for monthly 愿景 premiums. 2023年的视野加成不变!)

Flexible Spending & Dependent C是 Accounts

Eligible employees have the opportunity to enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), 有限灵活开支帐户(LMT), 和/或通过查德·施耐德(Chard Snyder)的抚养支出账户(DCA). 这些账户允许你留出税前美元来支付合格的医疗保健, 愿景, 牙科, or dependent c是 expenses. Participants pay no federal or state income taxes on the money placed in an FSA, LMT, or DCA. As you incur eligible expenses, use your Chard Snyder debit card to pay at the point of service or submit the appropriate paperwork to be reimbursed by your account. 最多610美元的FSA或LMT美元可以结转到下一年. DCA不允许资金结转,未使用的资金将被没收. 看到 Chard Snyder FSA flyer for additional details.


Employees have the option to apply for 而且 purchase additional voluntary life insurance(s) during this Annual Enrollment period. 自愿人寿保险费100%由员工通过工资扣除支付. 保费以团体费率计算,并以您的年龄为基础. The employee must elect voluntary coverage on their own life in order to elect voluntary coverage on their spouse 而且/or children's lives. 为员工购买保险的选项是10,000的增量, for the spouse in 5k increments, 而且 for children a flat 10k. 可能需要健康证明书(SOH). 看到 2023 率表 每月补充人寿保费.  Employees enrolled in voluntary supplemental life insurances 是 eligible for the following free services:

如果你没有改变医疗, 牙科, 愿景, 健康 Savings Account (保险公司), or Supplemental Life Insurance:

  • 如果你没有对这些福利做任何改变, no action is required. Your current elections will automatically roll over into 2023 at the same coverage levels.

If you 是 NEWLY ENROLLING, MAKING CHANGES, OR DROPPING Medical, 牙科, 愿景, 保险公司, or Supplemental Life 

  • Complete the 注册/变更/学期表格 indicating your 2023 elections & 在2022年11月4日星期五当天结束前提交给人力资源部.


  • 健康c是 FSA:  If enrolled in the 保险公司 而且 you wish to enroll or re-enroll in a full-service 健康c是 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) complete the FSA Enrollment & 贡献 form
  • 有限服务管理局:  If enrolled in the 保险公司 而且 you wish to enroll or re-enroll in the 有限灵活开支帐户(LMT) for 牙科 & 愿景 expenses only complete the FSA Enrollment & contribution form.
  • Dependent C是 FSA:  All benefit eligible employees can enroll or re-enroll in the Dependent C是 Spending Account (DCA) regardless of medical coverage.  要注册/重新注册DCA,请填写 FSA Enrollment & 贡献 form. 

All enrollments, 变化, 或水滴必须在周五下午5点前提交给人力资源部, November 4th. All 变化 to your benefits elections will begin 1/1/2023 而且 will remain in effect until the next Annual Enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event such as a marriage, 离婚, 出生, loss of other coverage, 或其他覆盖范围有重大变化.  Employees have 30 days from the date of the qualifying life event to 不ify HR of 变化.  贡献 变化 to 保险公司 而且 TIAA 允许 在任何时候.